And it should be known that correctly there are three titles for the people who go in the service of the Almighty: they are called palmers if they go overseas, since they often bring back palm leaves: they are called pilgrims if they go to the shrine of Saint James in Galicia, since the sepulchre of Saint James was further away from his country than any other apostle: they are called romeos if they go to Rome, which is where those I call pilgrims were going. – Dante “Vita Nova” (The new Life) Translated by A. S. Kline © 2001

The Magione was born in the Middle Ages their order to accommodate the pilgrims and travelers in transit or on the Via Romea or Francigena. The “hospital” in fact located in proximity to the Francigena, near the bridge over the Staggia river.

To that end, today the Castello della Magione willingly accepts “wayfarers and pilgrims” by offering them physical and spiritual refreshment.

It’s ‘can also visit the tourist monument, every day from 16:00 to 19:00 (except in moments of liturgical celebrations) or by appointment, putting previously in contact with the Magistral Registry (Cancelleria magistrale): Tel +390577936009,  Fax +390577590162, E-Mail: