… who have chosen before God and His Saints to bind themselves to the Militia, to be sanctified in it and to fight without respite for the rights of God and of Christianity. – Rule –


is a lay order of catholic tradition and monastic-military approach, that aims to salvation of the soul and participation in the development of Christ\’s Kingdom on earth through the timely observance of its Rule:

The Militia is a Roman-Catholic lay Order:

  • A knight Order with Christian combative tradition;
  • with reference to knightly virtues;
  • which draws strength from the mystic and the spirituality of Saint Bernhard of Clairvaux and refers to his writings, yet neither declaring nor claiming a false, antihistorical and illegitimate direct descent from the old Order;
  • which has both married and celibate consecrated members;
  • whose purpose is the salvation of the soul by mean of the prayer, the holy Sacraments and the spirit of the Knighthood;
  • which fully accomplishes its Christian ideals through the service to the Church and to the neighbors;
  • which in our materialistic surrounding society defends and spreads traditional Christian and human values;
  • which is canonically recognized as private association of faithful of diocesan right according to can. 298, 299, 301 CJK.


  • Militia Templi – Christi pauperum Militum Ordo – Latine
  • Milizia del Tempio – Ordine dei poveri Cavalieri di Cristo – Italiano
  • Miliz des Tempels – Orden der armen Ritter Christi – Deutsh
  • Militia of the Temple – Order of the poor Knights of Christ – English
  • Milicia del Templo – Orden de los pobres Caballeros de Cristo – Espanol
  • Milice du Temple – Ordre des pauvres Chevaliers du Christ – Francais
  • Templomos Lovagrend – Krisztus szegény Lovagjainak Rendje – Magyar
  • Rycerstwo Świątyni – Zakon ubogich Rycerzy Chrystusa – Polski
  • Milícia do Templo – Ordem dos pobres Cavaleiros de Cristo – Portugues
  • Рыцарство Храма — Орден бедных Рыцарей Христа – Русский