Purposes of the Militia of the Temple

Above all, whoever you are, Knight of Christ, you who choose such a holy way of life, it is necessary that you apply in your profession a pure attention and a firm perseverance … – Rule –

The general purpose of the Militia Templi is:

  • The general purpose of the Militia Templi is to promote and to constitute communities of Faith and Christian life in order to follow, in full communion with the Roman-Catholic Church, the originality of the own vocation, expressed in the Rule.

The special purposes of the Militia are:

  • The care of Liturgy, in conformity with the Tradition and the Papal Teaching, and the prayer of the Divine Office, as a service to God;
  • The study in depth of the spirituality and the culture of the Knighthood, as a testimony and in defense of the traditional human and Christian values. This as a service to the ideal of the Knighthood;
  • The defense and the reception of the pilgrims and generally the moral and material support of the neighbor, in conformity with the tradition of the old Order, together with the education of the youth. This as a service to the Church and to the Society.