The Militia of the Temple according to the Rule, consists of the following categories of members:


Knights with Solemn Profession. With the Investiture and the private vows they consecrate perpetually themselves to the Militia and commit themselves to follow the three classical evangelical counsels (counsels of perfection) of obedience, poverty and chastity (celibacy) together with the public witness of Faith (fourth vow).


Knights without Profession. With the Investiture and the private vows of obedience and public witness of Faith they serve in the Militia committing themselves to aim at the perfection of the Christian life.



Ladies: Their service is coordinated in an own organ, which is inserted within the organization of the Preceptory and the Commanderie.



Oblates “Knights and Ladies of Devotion”: They serve within the ranks of the Militia however they promise just the loyalty to the Constitutions of the Order.
Squires: A Knight takes direct and personal responsibility for each of them on, until his majority or until his admission to the Novitiate.
Also the Chaplains (Bishops and Priests of the Roman-Catholic Church), and the Decorated with the Cross of the Militia (well-deserving people) are Associated members.

In order to be admitted to the Profession and/or the Investiture it is necessary a Novitiate at least one year long, a good reputation, to be 21, years old and ready to an irrevocable commitment for the Order.