The old Order of the Poor Knights of Christ found in the writing of Saint Bernard „Liber ad Milites Templi de laude novae Militiae“ the necessary basis for the new monastic and knightly spirituality, contemplative and combative, that would have characterised it in its almost two hundred years of glorious life at the service of the Church and of the neighbour. – Rule –


 Of the Divine Office
(from Rule)

Chapter V – “… The Knights shall recite the Office according to the custom of the Roman Church, possibly all the Daily Hours, but should this not be possible they shall at least propose to always recite Lauds or Vespers…”

Chapter VII – “… The aptitude of the Novice for prayer shall thus be examined, and he shall in particular be directed towards the constant practice of reciting the Divine Office, whether with others or alone…”


Of spiritual nourishment
(from Rule)

Chapter XIV – “… Conscious that silence lets God’s voice be more audible and prepares the soul to listen to it, each brother shall retire yearly to pray and meditate in solitude for at least two whole consecutive days; …”