for charity and for the action of the Templars

The Foundation “Jacques de Molay” for action of the Templars and for charity collects donations and offers to help the poor and the Christians of the Holy Land to accommodate the pilgrims and for the construction of “Pellegrinai” (hostel to pilgrims) and locations.


Jacques de Molay
(Molay, 1243 – Paris, March 18, 1314)
last Grand Master of the ancient Order.
Was martyred at the stake
the 18 Marzo 1314
professing the Catholic Faith
and loyalty to the Pope


Foundation “Jacques de Molay” for charity and for the action of the Templars

  • Sector: Finance, welfare and charitable
  • Constitution: Magistral Decree, 29.8.1997
  • Address: Castello della Magione – 53036 Poggibonsi (Italy)
  • Phone: +39 0577 936009
  • Fax: +39 0577 590162
  • Fiscal Code: 91007160525
  • President: S.E. Grand Master
  • Pro-President: dom. Michelangelo Scala
  • Councillors: dom. Lorenzo Scala